Security settings for Youtube and Instagram

Security settings for Youtube and Instagram

Instagram and Youtube are not exactly social networks — they are photo and video sharing services. However, you can comment content there, and it makes them a social service. So if your kid is using either of them, it would be wise to turn on some security settings.


You child can use Youtube even without logging in. However, this service still offers you an ability to apply certain security settings. You might want to enable ‘Secure’ mode on the bottom of the page which will allow to filter the videos based on their rating and block videos reported as ‘unacceptable’ by other users. This is, by far, the only settings you need to apply on this service. Click on ‘Restricted mode’, then check ‘On’ and hit ‘Save’.


If your kid does have an account on Youtube, click on his/her avatar in the upper right corner and click on the ‘gearwheel’ icon to navigate through the settings.


Choose ‘Privacy’ on the list on the left, and opt for hiding information on the videos your child saved, viewed or liked.


Besides, this page allows you to apply setting regarding to advertising.


When applying setting to your kid’s account on Instagram, pick ‘Private account’ to prevent outsiders from seeing your child’s pictures.

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Moreover, on clicking ‘Settings’ (three dots in the upper right corner) in someone’s user profile, your kid will have an opportunity to block or report the user.


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