News Digest, June 2016

News Digest, June 2016

‘Surveillance is never a solution’: readers’ thoughts on kids, tech and privacy

As we come to the end of our series on child rights and technology, we take a look at some of the main themes that have emerged and our readers’ thoughts on them.

The Guardian

Ensuring kids’ safe navigation of digital world

This week, South Africa is marking Child Protection Week. One of the less understood aspects of children’s safety is how best to ensure that they are protected in their navigation of the online world.


50 Online Learning Tools That Will Keep The Kids Sharp All Summer

Let’s face it: the days seem to stretch pretty endlessly when there are school vacations. As parents, we often struggle to find ways to engage our kids effectively and safely. Some of them subject them to a frenzy of summer classes and workshops while others throw up their hands and literally leave them to their own devices, letting them have free run of a tablet or laptop, with little direction from us.

Huffington Post

5 ways to break your kids’ digital addiction this summer

Don’t be me. When I look at my beautiful daughter, I see a face – or rather I don’t see it – hidden behind a small rectangular screen. The iPhone is her constant companion and she’s often much more engaged with it then she is with me or her mother.


Tinder to ban under 18s after concerns about children as young as 13 using controversial dating app

The app, in which a user swipes left or right to approve or disapprove of a potential match, uses Facebook to glean ages, with those aged 13-17 previously only matching with those in their own age bracket.

But there was little to stop those over 18 creating fake accounts, leading to concerns being raised about the potential safety of young teenagers.

Daily Record

Synthetic drugs more dangerous, kids can get them online

Local 4 Defenders spoke to Matthew Stentz, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations about the dangers of synthetic drugs and how easily obtainable they have become. Stentz said people are finding them online and in stores.

Click on Detroit

The Ethical Implications of Digitally Spying on Your Children

In a perfect world, we are all kind and compassionate and honest towards our family. We respect our elders, understand our children and care for our peers. But this is not a perfect world, is it?

Huffington Post

Three reasons why your child may be a victim of on-line sexual predators

A recent report from MS NewsNow features an update on how predators are gaining access to youth via social media. According to the report, social media makes it easier for sexual predators to gain the trust of youth by posing as peers, which is easy to do with a photo and a voice mirroring the concerns and emotions of the age of their target. This article also emphasizes that the big problem for youth is that parents do not know what is happening in their children’s on-line world – and kids are meeting in person with strangers they meet via social media apps like SnapChat, Kik and YikYak, sometimes on purpose and sometimes because the predator is able to stalk the kids by what is posted about where they are going to be and when.

6 tips from cops to keep your kids safe from online predators

The digital world has dramatically changed in the past decade and as technology changes, the need to protect children from online predators continues to increase, according to New Jersey law enforcement agencies.

Internet safety for kids: Dos and Don’ts of digital parenting

Keeping your kids safe and sound is one of the most primary concern of a parent. Besides physical security, psychological and social safety is equally important but helping kids grow up as responsible and independent adults is necessary for their overall development. But, how do parents maintain the balance between child safety and his independence in a society where both play an important role?
The Financial Express

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