Stuart’s Story

Stuart’s Story

What can you do if your friends are the bullies? That’s what Stuart had to figure out when his pals ignored him in an Xbox Live game. The more he tried to talk to them, the more they laughed at him. Read on to find out what helped him to change his friends’ attitude.

My story

I am addicted to my Xbox. I play it all the time. I got a new game called Halo and it has Xbox live gaming. It was so much fun at first. Then one day I went online and found that nobody wanted to play with me. It took so much fun out of the game. The whole point of having it was to play online with people.

Even my friends wouldn’t add me to the game. It was so annoying and made me feel really lonely – like I had nobody. I asked them to stop doing this and they just laughed. I didn’t know what to do at first and then I decided to tell my parents and luckily they talked to my friend’s parents. After a while my friends realized how immature and wrong they were being.

After that incident my friends made sure they included me in everything and apologized for not thinking about how I would be affected.

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