Alcohol, Tobacco, Narcotics Category

Alcohol, Tobacco, Narcotics Category

The Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics category includes web resources containing information explicitly or implicitly associated with alcohol and alcohol-containing products; tobacco; narcotics, psychotropic substances and/or intoxicants:

  • Advertising and sales of these substances, as well as goods intended for the use of such.
  • Instructions on using or producing narcotic and psychotropic substances and/or intoxicants.

Note: The Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics category includes web resources providing scientific and medical content.

Priority: High

Pros: A child will not be able to access websites containing description, sales offers and propaganda of drug, alcohol, and tobacco.

Cons: Blocking of this category will limit a child’s access to information explaining adverse effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco abuse.

Recommendation: Should there be a need to provide a child with information about the adverse effect of drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse, parents are advised to conduct the necessary research on the subject, study the relevant materials on the Internet, and take a proactive stance in educating their child. Many articles on the dangers of drug abuse describe substances in a manner that may be perceived by a child as attractive. Once the issue has been properly explained by a parent, the webpages considered appropriate by a parent can be whitelisted.

The whitelist can be customized in the full version of the product.

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