Violence Category

Violence Category

The Violence category includes web resources that contain any photo, video, or textual materials describing acts of physical or psychological violence against human beings, as well as cruelty to animals:

  • Depiction/description of scenes of execution, torture, or torment, as well as tools designed for these actions.
  • Depiction/description of scenes of murder, fight, beatings, or rape, as well as scenes of abuse or humiliation of people, animals, or imaginary creatures.
  • Information that triggers commission of acts constituting a threat to life and/or health, including those causing body injuries and suicide.
  • The information that legitimizes or justifies violence and/or brutality and/or encourages to commit acts of violence against people or animals.
  • Highly naturalistic depiction/description of victims or atrocities of wars, armed conflicts, armed clashes, accidents, natural disasters, man-made or social disasters, and other depictions of suffering people.
  • Browser-based computer games that include scenes of violence and cruelty, including so-called “shooter” “fighting,” “slasher” games, etc.

Priority: High

Pros: The access to any movies containing scenes of violence, as well as photos of disasters and other types of content depicting and describing violence, is restricted.

Cons: Potential drawbacks include the possibility of blocking web sites containing historical documents that can be useful for educational purposes.

Recommendation: Parents are encouraged to include useful historical and educational resources into the whitelist.

The whitelist can be customized in the full version of the product.

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