Weapons Category

Weapons Category

The Weapons category includes web resources containing information on weapons, explosives, pyrotechnical products:

  • Websites of manufacturers and online stores selling weapons, explosives and pyrotechnical products.
  • Production and use of weapons, explosives, and pyrotechnical products.
  • Web resources containing catalogues or analytical, historical, and encyclopedic materials on the topic of weapons, explosives, and pyrotechnical products.

Note: The term “weapon” applies to devices, objects, and tools constructed with an intention to harm people or animals, and/or forcefully take equipment or facilities out of action.

Priority: Medium

Pro: The category restricts access to websites describing weapons, as well as online stores selling weapons.

Cons: This category can potentially block websites containing historical articles, as well as educational resources containing a description of weapons and their use.

Recommendations: In order to grant a child access to appropriate educational materials, trusted resources can be added to the whitelist. Nevertheless, parents should be vigilant with regards to the child’s interest towards the resources included into this category.

The whitelist can be customized in the full version of the product.

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