News Digest, October 2015

News Digest, October 2015

Mobile Spying Application: Good Parenting or Jagged up Teen Life?

If asked a teen how they feel about parental controls, you won’t be getting very positive response. Many teens, who don’t feel safe going out, may have positive views about mobile spying applications with GPS trackers. But within the broad spectrum, kids usually don’t find monitoring very affable.

Edgar George, Dispatch Times

Government Program To Protect Children From Online Predators

A federal program is helping families protect their children from becoming victim to online predators. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is spear heading the program called iGuardian hoping to show kids the dangers of meeting strangers in cyber space.

Action News Now

Why parents must teach their children about internet security

Parenting, as we know it, is evolving in this modern, digital age. Mothers and fathers have traditionally warned their sons and daughters of the physical dangers they face, be that pickpockets on the street or strangers in the park. Today, however, parents are facing an altogether different challenge – keeping their children safe on the world wide web. Children of all ages now use the internet on a daily basis, for everything from Facebook and Instagram to shopping, gaming and streaming the latest TV shows. As a result, these youngsters are just as likely to suffer from cyberbullying as bullying, or from digital fraud as a pickpocket on the street. However, despite this – and the never-ending news on cybercriminals, data breaches and cyber extortion – parents are still getting used to the internet and its hidden dangers.


Technology is not ruining our kids. Parents (and their technology) are ruining them

Many of us worry what technology is doing to our kids. A cascade of reports show that their addiction to iAnything is diminishing empathy, increasing bullying (pdf), robbing them of time to play, and just be. So we parents set timers, lock away devices and drone on about the importance of actual real-live human interaction. And then we check our phones. Sherry Turkle, a professor in the program in Science, Technology and Society at M.I.T. and the author, most recently, of Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, turned the tables by imploring parents to take control and model better behavior.

Jenny Anderson,

YouTube Kids Update Adds More Parental Control To Child-Focused Video Service

YouTube released updates to its child-focused YouTube Kids service that will allow parents to have more control over the content that their young ones can access. Since the YouTube Kids app was released in February, it has been downloaded over 8 million times, according to a post on the official YouTube blog. However, the app was also subjected to criticism, leading to a complaint by the Federal Trade Commission regarding the search feature of YouTube Kids.

Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times

5 pictures of kids you should avoid posting online

Here are five imagesposts related to children that parents must avoid sharing online, however tempting it might be…

Lakshmi V, The Times of India

How parents can keep their little gamers safe

Video game systems such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 allow users to text and voice message strangers, access Internet browsers and video chat through Skype. This is normally nothing to worry about, but predators are becoming crafty in how they reach kids

Jake Magee, GazetteXtra

Mom films kids’ reaction as porn blasted throughout Target

California mom Gina Young films her young children while someone blasts pornography through the intercom at Westgate Campbell Target.


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