Electronic Commerce Category

Electronic Commerce Category

The E-commerce category includes web resources designed for electronic monetary transactions using special web applications:

  • Online shopping or online auctions intended for selling of any goods or services to individuals and/or entities.
  • Web pages of public and private organizations or individuals that provide paid services of any kind.
  • Internet banking: electronic monetary transfers between bank accounts, bank deposits, conversion of currencies, payment for third-party services, etc.
  • Electronic wallets that provide access to a user account.

Priority: Medium

Pros: Your child will be denied access to websites where he or her can spend the parents’ money. The use of this category helps to both prevent cases of shopping at legitimate online stores, and restrict access to online banking and fraudulent online stores.

Cons: The category restricts access to online toy stores and paid legitimate services such as libraries, audio stores, etc.

Recommendation: If you entrust your child with money and are confident that he or she will spend wisely, you can either leave the category unblocked or add trusted online stores to the whitelist.

The whitelist can be customized in the full version of the product.

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