Computer games category

Computer games category

The Computer games category includes web resources devoted to computer games of various genres:

  • Websites of game developers.
  • Web resources serving discussion platforms for computer games.
  • Online games, both single- and multiplayer, requiring installation of local application files or browser add-ons and extensions.
  • Web resources designed for advertising, distribution, and support of games.

Priority: Low

Pros: A child will not be able to play online games and browse gaming portals.

Cons: Some games contribute to a child’s development by training logical thinking, speed of reaction, or awareness. In this case, blocking this category could potentially limit access to useful resources that a child is interested in, and inhibit the child’s development.

Recommendations: If your child does not indulge in games that you believe to be inherently harmful, the category does not have to be blocked. Besides, games that contain violence or adult-only content will be blocked as part of the relevant categories. You can also block a category while adding the acceptable games in it to the list of exceptions.

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