Computer games category

Computer games category

The Computer games category includes web resources devoted to computer games of various genres:

  • Websites of game developers.
  • Web resources serving discussion platforms for computer games.
  • Online games, both single- and multiplayer, requiring installation of local application files or browser add-ons and extensions.
  • Web resources designed for advertising, distribution, and support of games.

Priority: Low

Pros: A child will not be able to play online games and browse gaming portals.

Cons: Some games contribute to a child’s development by training logical thinking, speed of reaction, or awareness. In this case, blocking this category could potentially limit access to useful resources that a child is interested in, and inhibit the child’s development.

Recommendations: Religion is certainly not a topic to be learned online, especially considering the existence of numerous websites of various cults that may confuse your child. Therefore, blocking this category is preferable. However, if you want to keep free access to educational and encyclopedic resource pages of your church or other religious websites that you trust, you can add them to the whitelist.

The whitelist can be customized in the full version of the product.

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