Internet Communication Media Category

Internet Communication Media Category

The Internet communication media category includes web resources serving for sending personal messages to other users and providing functionality for content publication (public or partially public):

  • Social Networks: Websites designed for creating and listing contacts and enabling instant correspondence between people, organizations, and the government, requiring user account registration.
  • Web chats and web resources designed for distribution and support of instant messaging applications (real-time communication).
  • Forums and Blogs: Web resources designed for public discussion of various topics by means of special web applications, including blogging platforms (websites that provide services for creation and maintenance of blogs).
  • Classifieds: Web resources designed for publication and search of classified ads for buying/selling of goods and services.
  • Virtual dating services.
  • Webmail: webmail login pages and mailbox pages containing e-mail messages and related data (for example, personal contacts). The category does not apply to Internet service provider pages offering email service.

Priority: High

Pros: You can limit your child’s communication with strangers.

Cons: Social networks and other online communication platforms are the default method of communicating with friends for today’s children.

Recommendations: To enable your child to communicate with classmates, friends, and parents, add the desirable social networks, forums, and chat rooms to the whitelist of trusted resources. Please note that inappropriate content on social networks will be in any case blocked by other categories such as Violence, Pornography, or Profanity. However, it is essential to explain the importance of online privacy to your child, explain to him or her the rules of online communication, and help him or her configure his or her online profile in a way that makes it inaccessible to strangers.

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