Religions, religious associations category

Religions, religious associations category

The Religions, religious associations category includes web resources containing materials about social movements, communities, and organizations based on a religious ideology and/or worship in any form:

  • Websites of official religious organizations of different levels, from international religious denominations to local religious communities.
  • Websites of unregistered religious associations and communities that emerged historically as a result of separation from a dominant religious association or community.
  • Websites of religious associations and communities that emerged independently of traditional religious movements, including those founded by an individual.
  • Websites of interdenominational organizations serving as a platform for interaction between representatives of various traditional religions.
  • Web resources with scientific, historical, or encyclopedic materials on religion.
  • Web resources containing detailed depiction/description of worshiping, including ceremonies and rituals associated with the worship of God or creatures and/or objects attributed with supernatural properties.

Priority: Low

Pros: The category is primarily intended to block websites of various destructive cults, which often lure unsuspecting children into their ranks.

Cons: The category includes all websites related to religion, including educational resources and encyclopedic articles.

Recommendations: Religion is certainly not a topic to be learned online, especially considering the existence of numerous websites of various cults that may confuse your child. Therefore, blocking this category is preferable. However, if you want to keep free access to educational and encyclopedic resource pages of your church or other religious websites that you trust, you can add them to the whitelist.

The whitelist can be customized in the full version of the product.

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